Guernsey Offshore Account

With a financial services industry that provide about 60 to 70% of its GDP and are built on strict regulated systems and policies, Guernsey offshore accounts are described by the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors (OGBS) as one of the best and safest in the world.

Being a signatory to the European Union Savings Tax Directives (2005) does not limit the level of privacy and confidentiality that are afforded to Guernsey offshore account holders. Guernsey offshore accounts enable individuals and corporate bodies to bank within a legal framework that ensures protection of information and security of funds, which in reality, are two of the basic reasons for and principles of keeping an account offshore.

Corporate privacy provides the owners of Guernsey offshore accounts with the possibility of protecting their assets, particularly high net worth individuals who stand the risk of losing enormous sums of money should a lawsuit be filed against them or severe demands are made by an ex spouse in the process of divorce or due to a bad debt settlement. Information concerning the owner of any Guernsey offshore account is protected by privacy rules that prohibit the diffusion of private information to anyone other than the owner of the Guernsey offshore account.

Guernsey offshore banks offer highly specialized and professional services that facilitate international banking and the processing of complex transactions and transfers. Guernsey offshore accounts can be easily accessed and consulted through secure electronic banking facilities by their holders and are a flexible and convenient means of doing business transactions from any part of the world. This is enhanced by the multicurrency feature of Guernsey offshore accounts which enable investors, real estate agents, developers, professional consultants and thousands of other persons and entities involved in international business to withdraw funds and process payments from anywhere in the desired currency.

Guernsey offshore accounts are especially attractive for their tax savings and planning features. Funds held in a Guernsey offshore account can be used for personal and corporate tax planning and succession purposes since the assets placed in a Guernsey offshore account can be left to accumulate in interest over a number of years. This helps to legally defer taxes and build up a healthy sum of money that can be utilized during retirement, for sending children off to university or as insurance in the event of an accident or tragedy when funds would be required immediately. Non citizens of the EU who hold Guernsey offshore accounts are exempt from withholding taxes that are imposed under the European Union Savings Tax Directives on all the interests gained on offshore bank accounts; thereby making Guernsey offshore accounts a legal and beneficial vehicle for maximizing investments and savings.

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